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    Offering reliable washing machine disposal services 

    All our staff is fully trained and customer friendly. From booking your request to the appliance collection, we will guide you and answer all your queries. Even our dumping and washing machine recycling process is according to the standard measures.

    Fast and quick washing machine recycling service

    We work in four simple steps.

    No waste recycling policy for washing machine recycling

    We believe in valuing recycled and disposed washing machines. After the appliance collection, our team will analyze the condition of the disposed appliance. If it is still of any use, we will try to make it work; otherwise, it will be recycled appropriately.

    Washing Machine Disposal Prices

    Our £25 minimum spend allows for the efficient collection of 1 cubic yard of waste. The collection team arrives, collects the yard of waste and leaves with no extra hassle.

    Use our Instant Price Calculator for a speedy snapshot of what to expect.


    Additional Charges Breakdown

    Certain large items such as commercial fridges or family size couches may involve small additional charges. Find out detailed rubbish removal prices.

    tv disposal london

    TV/Monitor Disposal

    £15 each

    Mattress Disposal

    £40 each

    paint disposal london

    Paint Disposal

    £5 / 5l

    fridge disposal london

    Fridge/Freezer Disposal

    £50 each

    commercial fridge disposal london

    Commercial Fridge Disposal

    £90 each

    Sofa disposal london

    Sofa / Armchair Disposal

    £20 each

    2 Seater Sofa disposal london

    2 Seater Sofa Disposal 

    £30 each

    3 Seater Sofa disposal london

    3 Seater Sofa Disposal 

    £40 each

    Corner Sofa disposal london

    Corner Sofa Disposal 

    £50 each

    Ready For Washing Machine Disposal – Get in Touch Today

    Use our instant price calculator to estimate your price. It won’t cost you a penny. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to get things started.

    Don’t worry about disposing of your washing machines when our professional washing machine removal service is here to help. We relieve you of the stress and inconvenience associated with the disposal of household appliances by arranging the removal of your old washing machine at a convenient time. Whether you have an old broken washing machine that no longer functions or you’re simply replacing it with a more recent, more efficient model, we may help. We can also help with a complete kitchen remodel.

    Our teams work in London, fast clearing, professionally packing, and carefully disposing of things you no longer require. If you are arranging a kitchen renovation or require to get rid of more than one device, simply let us know what you require, and we will discover the most suitable automobile and team to arrange the removal for you. Each of our garbage trucks is licensed and insured and has many years of experience hauling bulky waste for residential and commercial customers.

    Recycling of washing machines is uncomplicated 

    We think that collection should be comfortable for our clients. In just simple steps, you can remove your old washing machine from your property – simply use our washing machine disposal in London, get quotes from local waste removal crews, and choose when you want your machine picked up. It’s really that uncomplicated.

    Don’t clutter your home with trash and old garbage that has seen better days or gets in the way.  Take away old washing machine service can usually come to you on the same day, present very cheap services, and pick up your junk from inside and outside of your house, leaving all spaces neat and clean before we go.

    How can I reuse my washing machine instead of throwing it away?

    If you regularly generate large amounts of e-waste, you should think about ways to reuse or repurpose the products before arranging for recycling. For example, you can:

    • Donate your old washing machines and similar appliances to local charities, shelters, or non-profit company. It is particularly essential if they are still in acceptable working order.
    • Recycle various parts of your washing machine to give them a second life. For example, you can use the washing machine drum to set up a fire pit for summer garden parties. In addition, you can grow plants or flowers in the drum of an old washing machine.