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Moving? Renovating? Stuck with furniture you no longer need? We offer sustainable furniture disposal, removal & recycling service in London. To get rid of your old furniture please call us on 07305 050808 or get an Instant Quote below.

When you think furniture removal, think RID WASTE LTD

  • Same Day Furniture Disposal
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • All Staff DBS Checked
  • Trucks ULEZ Compliant

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    Furniture Removal and Disposal in London

    We know that every property is different, especially somewhere as eclectic as London. We understand that there’s a broad range of rubbish and recycling requirements across the city. You’ll be happy to learn that our furniture disposal service is one of the most flexible around.

    For unwanted furniture removal and recycling options, we’re the best solution in the city. Our team is highly trained, fully insured and equipped with everything they need to get the job done. We offer free instant quote and have some of the longest working hours in London.

    If we can carry it, we’ll probably take it. 

    What Type of Furniture We Can Dispose

    When it comes to getting rid of old furniture, just about everything goes.
    Sofas, armchairs, furniture collections, small tables, coffee tables, console tables, sideboards, cabinets, bookshelves, TV stands, CD & DVD storage units, storage trunks, beverage cabinets, and more;

    Mattress Disposal

    Mattress Disposal London

    Finished with your old model? Worried about its condition? Don’t be. We’ll happily take it off your hands. Where possible, it will be repurposed, recycled or disposed of safely.

    Bed Disposal

    Bed Disposal London

    Perhaps just the mattress isn’t enough, maybe you want the whole bed gone too. We’re able to accommodate practically all weights and dimensions. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands.

    Sofa Disposal

    Sofa Disposal London

    Sofas can be bulky, unwieldy pieces of furniture. Our sofa removal service is prepared to handle all shapes and sizes. Heavy, leather, damaged, it doesn’t matter. We’ll deal with it for you.

    Our furniture collection team are also happy to remove the following:

    • Wardrobes
    • Chest of drawers
    • Bedside tables
    • Dining tables
    • Chairs
    • Stools
    • Benches
    • Shoe cabinets
    • Hooks
    • Hangers
    • Baskets
    • Cots
    • Bunk beds
    • desks
    • Shelves
    • Bookcases

    Fair and Upfront Furniture Clearance Prices

    Our £25 minimum spend allows for the efficient collection of 1 cubic yard of waste. The collection team arrives, collects the yard of junk and leaves with no extra hassle.

    For detailed rubbish removal prices, use our Instant quote estimator for a quick snapshot of what to expect

    Cheap Furniture Disposal London – Why Choose Us?

    Looking for a well-trained, reliable team for your furniture disposal needs? We cover a range of services from office clearance, to recycling and everything in between. We’ve spent years building up the experience, skill set and tools needed to get the job done.

    In need of appliances disposal? Have specific needs? We’ve got you covered. Recycle your furniture collection with us and we promise to process it quickly and in a way that respects the environment. We’re proud of our track record with our customers and work tirelessly to maintain our strong reputation in the city.

    Cheap Furniture Disposal London

    Waste Removal With a Conscience

    We’re dedicated to protecting the environment in every way we can. All of our trucks are fully ULEZ compliant and we use the latest approaches to waste disposal to minimise harm to the planet. 

    A Highly Trained, Expert Staff

    We’ve been handling waste and furniture removals for a long time now. Our experience and skill set goes beyond the industry standard. Our whole team is fully insured with a recent DBS check. We take customer safety and satisfaction very seriously.

    Same-Day Removals

    We’re proud of our speedy response times. If you’re in London, we can get to you and complete the work on the very same day. Our initial consultation process is designed to gather all the information we need. Once we arrive at your property, we already know exactly what you need.

    Furniture Removal Price Starting at £25

    Waste removal can quickly become prohibitively expensive. We’re committed to price plans that are transparent and fair. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with us; we’re more affordable than you might expect.


    In an irreversibly digital world, old fashioned booking systems are a relic of the past. Our booking and scheduling systems are designed with convenience and speed in mind. Dealing with rubbish is already a hassle; we don’t want our booking procedure to add to this.

    We Work day and Night

    Our opening hours are longer than a huge chunk of the competition. We’re open Monday – Sunday 08.00 – 20.00 and online quote requests are available 24/7. Operating in London means matching the night owl pace of the city.

    Ready For Furniture Disposal – Get in Touch Today

    Use our instant price calculator to estimate your price. It won’t cost you a penny. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to get things started.

    Furniture Collection – Freaquently Asked Questions

    This section will answer some of our most commonly asked questions about unwanted furniture removal and waste management.

    Click to read the answers

    How do I dispose of furniture?

    With our service, all you have to do is give us a call and we will dispose of any of the furniture items that you request.

    How much does it cost to have furniture removed?

    The cost of removal for any piece of furniture usually depends on the size and weight of the item. A general guide would be roughly £25 per 100kg of weight.

    Where can you dispose of old furniture?

    The best place to dispose of furniture is generally in a dump or local disposal facility. But with our service, you do not need to leave your home as we will come and remove the item from your property ourselves.

    How do I get rid of a sofa? 

    A sofa can be disposed of either in one piece or broken up and dismantled. It may be easier to transport the sofa when dismantled. But it can be strenuous to take apart a sofa, and some may be more difficult than others to dismantle.

    How do I dispose of Ikea furniture?

    A lot of Ikea furniture is recyclable, making it easier to dispose of in a dump or recycling facility. Ikea will also in some cases buy back the furniture you no longer want, depending on its condition.

    What can I do with an unwanted mattress?

    An unwanted mattress can be disposed of in a dump by a waste or furniture disposal company such as ourselves. You may also be able to sell the mattress as long as it is still in decent condition.

    How do I Dispose of an Old Couch?

    Our sofa removal service is what you need. Get in touch and describe the dimensions and weight of the sofa to us. We’ll load it up and take it off your hands. If you have specific requirements or limitations related to your property, let a member of our sofa removal team know in advance. 

    What do I do With Unwanted Furniture?

    There’s a range of options available, from ‘upcycling’, to selling. When you know you’re ready to get rid of your furniture, we’re here to help. We cover everything, including garage clearance and waste.

    How do I get rid of Unwanted Furniture?

    The specific rules will vary depending on your local council. As a general rule, professional services like ours are the best way to go. They’re safe, efficient and can cost much less than you might expect.

    How do I get rid of a Mattress in the UK?

    This will depend slightly on its condition and age. Some waste disposal companies can be picky about the quality of the furniture they remove. We consider ourselves to be far more flexible than average. Don’t worry about it’s condition; we’ll take it.

    Have you ever desired to get rid of your old furnishings but didn’t have the time or power to do so? Or have you lately purchased new furniture just to have old things lying around the place gathering dust? Old furniture collection can be rather a challenge: not solely do you have to dismantle and move those weighty items out the door, but you also require to figure out what to do with them. Numerous municipalities don’t let curbside pickup of specific pieces of unwanted furniture, and you’ll require to count on their busy schedules to get around town. Not to mention that you have to do all the hard work.

    About the furniture removal services

    Furniture removal service supplies an efficient, secure, and environmentally pleasant furniture disposal assistance, so you don’t have to bother about managing or disposing of those old things. In addition, it will make sure your old pieces of furnishings end up in the proper location, whether it’s a charity if the pieces of furniture are still in fine state for donation or a recycling establishment to have your furniture reclaimed.

    Company experts export almost all types of furniture, including:

    • couches;
    • sofas;
    • sofa beds;
    • mattresses;
    • chairs;
    • tables
    • bookcases;
    • cabins;
    • tables;
    • file cabinets;
    • boxes;
    • cabinets;
    • tool units.


    When it comes to price, you win every time. The competitively priced disposal of furniture in London means everyone can afford to dispose of it responsibly. It can be rather cheap. 

    The cost will alter based on:

    • Where are you?
    • How much trash do we collect?
    • What type of waste do we collect .
    • How soon do you need the collected garbage.
    • Where is your old furniture kept?
    • How easily can we park next to your property.
    • Any extra charges that may be incurred. 

    When you hire the service to remove furniture in London, the free, no-obligation offer will cover everything from the people they hire to the dedicated access to recycling plants and dedicated disposal sites. You will never pay more than you need for the furniture removal services.