Affordable White Goods Recycling and Appliance Disposal London

If you want to dispose of useless white goods, it isn’t usually easy. But what if you find a reliable service provider who can take away the white goods recycling. No, we are not just the ordinary white good recycling company. We have the license to do so.

We are here to collect all kinds of white goods. Be it your microwave, over, iron stand, or the dishwasher, we deal with it all, pledging to be the best appliance disposal London. 

  • Same Day Appliance Disposal
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • All Staff DBS Checked
  • Trucks ULEZ Compliant

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    The White Goods Disposal Services We Offer

    Quality and reliability are the main motto of our recycling company. The following are the services we are pleased to offer for appliance removal and collection.

    Fair and Upfront Appliance Disposal Prices

    Our £25 minimum spend allows for the efficient collection of 1 cubic yard of waste. The collection team arrives, collects the yard of waste and leaves with no extra hassle.

    Use our Instant Price Calculator for a speedy snapshot of what to expect.


    Why We Are the Best Appliance Disposal? 

    Well, you must be wondering why one should call us for the tiring and challenging appliance disposal. The following reasons are certainly the most needed and appreciated ones for white goods disposal, and these are why we urge you to consider our state-of-the-art services.

    White Goods Recycling in an Economical Price

    One of the primary reasons why people are reluctant towards white goods recycling is money. But with us, it is an affordable feat. We pledge to deliver the best appliance disposal and cheap white goods recycling service across London.

    Fast and Quick White Goods Recycling

    Time is money, and those waiting for the flat clearance or house clearance should not be kept waiting, as such matters are often dealt with in urgency. Whatever the case is, we offer fast services, ensuring the standard professional white goods recycling and disposal.

    White Goods Recycling Price Starting at


    Waste removal can quickly become prohibitively expensive. We’re committed to price plans that are transparent and fair. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with us; we’re more affordable than you might expect.

    Offering Multiple Services

    You do not need to call another goods disposal company for brown goods. We can cater to all types of goods; however, our focus is to clear the heavy white goods recycling.

    Same-Day Disposal

    We’re proud of our speedy response times. We can get to you and complete the work on the very same day. Our initial consultation process is designed to gather all the information we need. Once we arrive at your property, we already know exactly what you need.

    We Work day and Night

    Our opening hours are longer than a huge chunk of the competition. We’re open Monday – Sunday 08.00 – 20.00 and online quote requests are available 24/7. means matching the night owl pace of the city.

    Additional Charges Breakdown

    Certain large items such as commercial fridges or family size couches may involve small additional charges. Find out detailed rubbish removal prices.

    tv disposal london

    TV/Monitor Disposal

    £15 each

    Mattress Disposal

    £40 each

    paint disposal london

    Paint Disposal

    £5 / 5l

    fridge disposal london

    Fridge/Freezer Disposal

    £50 each

    commercial fridge disposal london

    Commercial Fridge Disposal

    £90 each

    Sofa disposal london

    Sofa / Armchair Disposal

    £20 each

    2 Seater Sofa disposal london

    2 Seater Sofa Disposal 

    £30 each

    3 Seater Sofa disposal london

    3 Seater Sofa Disposal 

    £40 each

    Corner Sofa disposal london

    Corner Sofa Disposal 

    £50 each

    Ready For White Goods Disposal – Get in Touch Today

    Use our instant price calculator to estimate your price. It won’t cost you a penny. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to get things started.

    White Goods Recycling and Appliance Disposal – Freaquently Asked Questions

    This section will answer some of our most commonly asked questions about appliances disposal and waste management.

    Click to read the answers

    How to get rid of the white goods? 

    The best way to get rid of white goods is by recycling them. Unlike grey and brown goods, white goods have different essential parts which are potentially recyclable. Calling a reliable and affordable white goods recycling London company is the best way.

    How to get rid of a fridge freezer?

    The best way is to call a company offering the fridge freezer clearance company. They will dispose of the used freezer material and recycle it if needed.

    How to get rid of an old fridge? 

    A fridge comes in the white good category, so it is better to call the white goods recycling company to send it away. Otherwise, throwing the used white good will end up in a legal penalty.

    How do I dispose of old appliances? 

    To throw away the old appliances for a house or flat clearance, the most thoughtful way is to call the affordable and quick appliance disposal. You may either search down the best companies for appliance disposal or consider the word of mouth recommendations

    How do you dispose of a washing machine? 

    To dispose of a washing machine, the cleanest way is by calling a reliable white goods disposal company. They will come and take away the washing machine.

    White goods have essential consumer electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, clothings dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, and stoves.

    British own over 35 million home appliances. 2.5 million are thrown away yearly and potentially go straight to landfill.

    White good removal service may assist rescue useful materials such as metal and plastic and other non-renewable help. This makes a harsh economic process and provides these materials new life. Correct removal and recycling contain toxic essences such as flame retardants from joining the atmosphere.

    Why should I recycle my white goods?

    Household appliances hold considerable quantities of:

    • metal;
    • plastic; 
    • insulation materials; 
    • refrigerants (gases); 
    • other non-renewable and useful materials. 

    White goods recycling keeps these materials in usage and does not finish up in dumps. 

    Refrigerators and freezers must be degassed at the end of their life because they contain refrigerant, a very harmful greenhouse gas.

    What occurs to your household waste?

    If your undesirable home appliances are in functioning order, think trading or presenting them. Don’t leave devices by the sidewalk if you need to toss them away. Reach your local large solid waste collection service or discover the nearest transfer station that takes these materials.

    Home appliances can be fixed or dismantled to retrieve recyclable materials. Materials that cannot be reclaimed will then be disposed of. Secure white goods clearance in London includes clearing any dangerous materials from the device, such as heavy metals, chemicals, or gases. Cheap prices of the company allow you to get rid of these materials very quickly. Metal from household appliances can be recycled many times to make new products. During recycling, household appliances are shredded and shredded for recycling. Copper, steel, and plastic are retrieved and reclaimed into new metal and plastic outcomes.