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Taking care of your waste needs with extra efficiency & reliability!

We are a London-based rubbish removal company offering extra-efficiency, affordability and reliability to all of your waste clearance and rubbish removal needs. Whether you’re looking to remove some unused furniture in your front garden, some old office equipment from your working space, or anything else (from any location) – You’ve found a highly-passionate team who are conscious of the environment and love completing their job.

We love what we do… No matter the job which we complete, we want to put an enormous smile on our clients face when all of the waste is finally removed. Clutter, over hoarding and messy front gardens, are the things which we see on a regular basis – We help prevent this.

It helps us when we get clients, but we’re helping the environment even more. When we remove waste and rubbish, our planet is always thought about.

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Rubbish Removal London

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If you are looking for an affordable, convenient, reliable, and technically driven waste removal and junk disposal service provider in London, then RID WASTE LTD is the best option for you.

Use your instant price calculator to estimate your rubbish removal price. It won’t cost you a penny. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to get things started.