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    If you’re wondering how to dispose of an old bed in the right way, look no further than Rid Waste. We think there are a number of factors that keep our head and shoulders above the rest. Check them out below.

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    • Fully licensed and DBS checked
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    We know first-hand how frustrating it can be to get hit with hidden charges and unexpected fees. We’re proud to offer a pricing structure that’s affordable, easy-to-understand, and transparent.

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    We take customer satisfaction very seriously.

    All of our staff are fully DBS checked, highly trained, and easy to talk to.

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    If you want the job done properly, you’ll need a team with the experience required to back them up. We’ve been working in removals and bed recycling for a long time now.

    Your furniture will be removed and repurposed the right way every time.

    Top Quality Bed Recycling

    We know how important it is to dispose of waste the right way. Wherever possible, we offer recycling or repurposing services to our customers.

    At Rid Waste, we want to operate as sustainably as possible. With this in mind, all of our vehicles are fully ULEZ compliant.

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    Apart from mattresses, there is nothing the average Brit spends more time on than his bed. They are also one of the biggest fixtures in every home, so when they are no longer needed – because they are worn out, outdated, or unsuitable for renovating a room – they are thrown away at a great cost to both owners and the environment. 

    The bed removal service is becoming a major problem in the UK’s overflowing landfills. Of all the things thrown into holes in the ground, bed take the first place – according to recent estimates, they bury up to 15 million cubic meters of landfill space annually: the same amount that fills Wembley Stadium four times.

    When must I get rid of my bed?

    On average, your typical couch will last between 7 and 15 years. Good rate beds can endure even the most suitable mattress for 5 years or more, thanks to contemporary technology and construction. If you’re annoyed by a few stains, this shouldn’t be a cause to get rid of your bed – upright cleansers or even well priced unique cleaners can get rid of any stains that concern you. You will save so much money with a comparatively cheap one-time payment; it may even be less than what you would pay the council to take it out of your hands.

    The lifespan of a bed depends on how good its frame is – if it cracks or breaks, it should be replaced; like beds, a broken couch can not support your body well, meaning that every minute spent on a frayed couch can lead to physical problems.

    Whether you’re in that position or just looking to dispose of your bed in favor of a newer, prettier model, there are plenty of options – and it’s worth considering before you make a purchase in London.

    What way to choose to get rid of an old bed?

    Either way, an old bed collection is the most acceptable method to go for a few right causes:

    • They will safely and efficiently pick up your bed from your house;
    • They are often cheaper than the municipal bed collection service;
    • The company will make sure your bed are recycled in the best possible way so you know they won’t end up in a landfill; 
    • There is every chance that you can move your bed as fast as you want.

    There is always another way

    The experts from old bed disposal in London will gladly restore your bed for a good price – you might even have friends who are more than capable of doing it if you toss them a few shillings.

    Did you know a bed cost as much as £10 million in the UK? Don’t throw away your bed until you’ve reviewed for doubloons, but don’t be surprised if you also discover meals, mud, dust, the rare toy – even if you don’t have children or a puppy – or even a long-lost relative.